The Sounds Of Heaven; A Woman’s Moan

Ah, the glorious sound of a woman’s moan during sex! Is there any more beautiful sound in all the world? She is underneath you, writhing, sweaty and nearly out of her mind with pleasure, and the sounds emanating from her are enough to make a man explode with pleasure all on their own. It is everything he can do to hold back when he hears the whimpering sounds of her pleasure. This is the ultimate ego boost for a man, his woman letting him know that he is in complete control of her body at that moment.

In order for the man to know what this feels like, he must first be able to bring his woman to this point of arousal. Some women can reach this point from intercourse alone, but it is much more likely – and far more enjoyable for both partners – if the man takes his time and brings her to the point of mind-blowing orgasm that produces these moans. Run your fingers through her hair as you stroke her breasts, tightening your grip on a handful of hair while simultaneously pinching her nipple. Then release the pressure and stroke gently again. As you do this, alternate between licking and biting her neck, gently and not so gently.

Cup her breast with one hand as you slide the other between her legs, opening her up with your fingertips as you stroke her clit with your thumb. Tease her by sliding one finger just barely inside her. Bend her over and slip one finger inside her anus just to the first knuckle, continuing the teasing. Begin licking her pussy slowly, sliding your tongue inside her and flicking it just a bit. Move to her clit and slowly begin licking it. Remember that the clit is a tiny bundle of nerves whose sole purpose is to provide the female with intense sexual pleasure. In this area of the female body, a little goes a long way. The gentler you are, the more slowly you manipulate, only increasing the flicking of your tongue over the tiny bud, the more you will drive her crazy. This is where the moaning will begin in earnest. She will not be able to hold back or refrain from moaning her pleasure as you work your magic on this area. When she is close to orgasm, slide into her and begin pumping hard and fast, to maintain the level of arousal she is experiencing. The moans will turn into screams of pure ecstasy. This will bring you to an amazing orgasm as well. The combination of her body’s responses as it is wrapped around your cock and your own pleasure at hearing the responses you’ve elicited from her will leave both of you drained and breathless. Enjoy!

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